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    产品名称:Antioxidant plate

    OSP is a printed circuit board (PCB) with a process of RoHS directive requirements of copper foil surface treatment. OSP is Organic SolderabilityPreservatives, translated into organic solderability preservation film, also known as supporting copper agent, Preflux English also known. Simply put,the OSP is in a clean bare copper surface by chemical method, a layer of organic film. This film has oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance,moisture resistance, for protecting the surface of copper in normalenvironment no longer continue to rust (oxide or sulfide etc.); but in thewelding of high temperature in the follow-up, the protective film should easily be flux are rapidly cleared, so that we can make the clean copper surface is exposed to in a very short period of time and with the molten solderimmediately become a solid solder joint.

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